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SpotSource – Enterprise Service Supplier Management Software

Partner Smarter.

Supplier Management Transformed for Services

Find the best service supplier within your company roster in no time. Give experts all the data they need to make better decisions, run more effective projects, and leverage the knowledge across your company. One, unified place to find, engage and manage suppliers like never before.

Our customers are helping us transform the future. “Being able to search and source easily for non-traditional suppliers with complex features is key to our go-to-market strategy.”  SpotSource was developed to help large organizations, especially the Fortune 500, save time, improve performance, and empower people as they search for and work with service providers.












A Marketplace Inside Your Company

SpotSource brings to life your  service providers with loads more meaningful data. This empowers your teams to find service providers, like marketing agencies, from within your existing roster. It saves time, increases community knowledge, and reduces risk on multiple levels.

Discover Partners Hiding In Plain Sight

There is too much complexity inside companies. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) need an easy way to search and procure services from across your roster of approved suppliers. No more spreadsheets. Make it easy for SMEs to do their job by finding the right suppliers, using the right data to assess their fit, and make confident decisions backed by colleagues and data.










Ratings Give You New Perspective

Easily summarize your bench-strength and guide your decisions with up-to-date ratings of your service suppliers across a variety of performance metrics.










Your External Services Dashboard

Manage service supplier engagement with a real-time dashboards and robust reporting. Understand engagement, performance, and projects like never before.

One Unified Experience with Integrations

SpotSource integrates with a wide variety of enterprise systems. This allows for one unified experience for departments like marketing to find, engage, and manage their suppliers. It improves communication with the suppliers. And, like everything we do, that transparency delivers meaningful results.

Create purchase orders and goods receipts from within one project interface. Store all your project files in one place for both your supplier and internal experts. Dynamically pull in digital assets from your DAM so they can be added an integrated Proof of Execution approval workflow.

We are constantly developing new features and integrations to work with your other enterprise platforms. Don’t see yours here? Ask us how we can add it.







Covering Diverse Verticals

No matter what service areas you have, SpotSource makes it easy to search, engage, and manage suppliers. We even have combined functional areas for certain use cases.

R&D Speed to Market

One place to navigate the best fit third party manufacturers. Quickly discover who is the right fit for each need whether it is speed to market, product expansion, or small batch testing.

Professional Services

One place to find approved suppliers across IT, HR, Legal, Finance, Training, Capital,  Freelance/Contractors and any other areas that are critical for sourcing services.

Agency Management

Manage marketing agencies and your martech stack in one place. Deliver more, relevant data to find, engage, and manage marketing while making compliance easy.

Improve Your Sourcing

Consolidate service supplier spend for a department like marketing or another set of service areas. By removing confusion and bringing transparency to all the possible decisions makers across your company, experts can make more informed self-service decisions.

Integrating third party risk management (TPRM) and supplier contract information reduces risk by helping people make the right choices every time.

Quick performance reviews build up your expert community knowledge so others feel confident in their sourcing decisions and reduce the need to always be onboarding new suppliers.

Better decisions, improved results.

Bring services procurement into the 21st Century.

“We built the SpotSource to fix problems that both founders personally experienced as leaders at Fortune 100 companies. Every day is rewarding as we continue to hear positive stories and excitement across all levels of our customers’ organizations and even from their suppliers.”

Brian Regienczuk
Founder & CEO, Agency Spotter




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It's Easy and Fast to Transform Services Management

Rollout to partners and your internal stakeholders worldwide in just four months

Save Time

Give stakeholders the data to make better decisions faster across your approved suppliers. Watch searches go from months to minutes.

Easy To Use

User-centered design that makes everyone’s job easier. Search and engage suppliers in one central place. Reporting the C-Suite will love.

Increase Performance

Supplier performance data shared across your company bakes improvement into the platform. Take operations to the next level.

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