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SpotSource Founder Interviewed on Balance the Grind

Brian Regienczuk interviewed on Balancing the Grind about Spotsource and Agency Spotter

SpotSource founder Brian Regienczuk was recently interviewed by Hao on Balance the Grind. Brian discussed everything from his career journey to what a typical work day looks like.

“While at Philips and then Coca-Cola, the issue of managing service providers kept coming up. Even at a marketing driven company like Coca-Cola, I discovered that people were getting spreadsheets to try to decide which of the 3,500 marketing and design agencies they should use. 

When I dug a bit deeper, I realized no one trusted a name on a spreadsheet without any context on who they were working with, what they were good at, and how their performance had been.

That was really the springboard to launching what became Agency Spotter and SpotSource. I am the CEO and founder of Agency Spotter, but these two products are really solving those fundamental issues around searching, engaging, and managing service providers.”

– Brian Regienczuk, Balancing the Grind

Be sure to read the full interview here to learn Brian’s favorite genre of books.